Outdoor Poly Furniture

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Outdoor Poly Furniture from The Great Outdoors

1.  Maintenance Free

It never needs to be stained or painted.

2.  Environmentally Responsible

It’s manufactured from over 90% recycled plastic (milk jugs, water and juice containers). Great for you and the planet!

3.  Does Not Rot

Because it’s made from over 90% recycled plastic, there is no rotting, splitting, cracking, splintering, peeling or checking.

4.  Fade Resistant

Poly furniture has UV stabilizers added to protect the color and integrity of the high-density plastic ethylene (HDPE). Although all things are affected by weather elements, poly fades, or “weathers” at a very slow rate. Please note that brighter colors are more susceptible to fade.

5.  Stainless Steel Fasteners

All fasteners are stainless steel for long life.

6.  100% Poly 

The high-density plastic lumber used for this furniture is non-hollow, foamed recycled plastic. No wood fillers are used. It is absorptive, impervious to mist chemicals, solid color to core, durable, and flame resistant.

7.  Comfort

Each piece is built with comfort in mind with contoured backs and seats and larger roomier styles.

8.  Styling 

Multiple colors and designs are available. There is no extra charge for two-tone colors. 

9.  Value

The Great Outdoors has competitive pricing and our manufacturers stand behind their products.

10.  Made in the USA

Both raw materials and manufacturing are done in the USA.

Midwest-inspired Chairs

As you can see below, the outdoor poly chairs can be ordered in four different state designs: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Illinois. Ask if we have one in stock - or we can order one for you. Lead times may vary.